Small theme parks, attractions reopen for business in Central Florida

Small theme parks are getting the go-ahead to reopen in Orange County.

It’s back to business as Fun Spot Orlando reopened Friday afternoon.

Owner John Arie says, "It's huge!"

He says the park has been preparing for days.

"We’re just so excited. I got goosebumps on my arms just thinking about the doors opening and guests coming back to the park. It’s such a good feeling," Arie said.

Chuck Wital, of the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force, says the group has been working to get all the small theme parks back open since they all close around mid-March. 

"Yesterday, all the task force members were working with the Wheel, Fun Spot, StarFlyer, Gatorland -- all of them getting their reopening plans" Wital said.

It’s good news for businesses in the area.

Sugar Factor General Manager Todd Euvasak said, "It will greatly increase our business. Honestly, the more foot traffic you bring around here, the better, obviously."

Christopher Buxton, of Top Hat Hospitality, said, "It will massively help when they open up the rides. We’re excited and can’t wait for them to open up the wheel."

Meanwhile, back at Fun Spot, employees are taking precautions with a social distance of 9 feet, lots of hand sanitizer and plenty of precautions on rides.

Park-goer Jennifer Schaefer said, "We’re very excited. We have been here for over two months and we’re just ready for everything to get back open and have fun."

Arie said he's still waiting on Osceola County to give him permission to open Fun Spot in Kissimmee.