'Skin and bones': Man arrested after severely emaciated dog is found lying in its own feces, deputies say

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office said that 72-year-old Ronald Alan Winters was arrested on a cruelty to animals charge after a deputy found a dog severely emaciated, lying in its own feces, and obviously suffering.

They posted a body camera video of the incident on their Facebook page. It shows a deputy confronting Winters after realizing the severe condition of the dog. 

"After two blankets covering the dog were removed, Deputy James realized the dog was severely emaciated and soiled. She had a bowl of food next to her that appeared untouched and was obviously suffering," the post read. The Volusia County Animal Services was reportedly contacted to assess the dog. They deemed it a 1, which is the worst condition possible.

Winters was reportedly arrested and taken into custody on a charge of cruelty to animals. They said that the dog, 13-year-old Miria, was taken to a veterinarian for evaluation. They gave her the best medical treatment possible, but unfortunately, they said that due to her deteriorating condition and obvious suffering, the only humane decision left was to euthanize the animal.

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Two cats were also located on Winters' property, deputies said. They needed medical attention as well but their condition was not to the level of animal cruelty charges. They were said to be taken in by animal services to receive treatment. They will be up for adoption soon at New Hope Animal Shelter in DeLand. Their names are Grey and JackJack.

"We're posting this to ask you to please report cases of animal abuse and neglect before they get to this point," the Sheriff's Office said. "If you witness an animal suffering or have an animal that has needs you can no longer meet, please don't ignore it. There are people out there who can help. For assistance from Volusia County Animal Services please call 386-248-1790."

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.