Shopper overhears conversation, buys girl dresses

Frank Somerville wrote about a simple act of kindness as a mother and daughter were shopping. Read his post below: 

"This is another story about the kindness of strangers. A woman named Becca made this little girl and her mother Lynnette Eastham Hostetter VERY happy.

Here's what Lynnette posted on Facebook:

'Justine was trying on school clothes when a beautiful stranger overheard our conversation in the dressing room about finances being tight. (She) came to me and asked if it would be ok if she bought her ALL the dresses that my daughter had tried on. I accepted, we hugged and cried and blessed each other! This life is filled with the most wonderful kind people that I am truly blessed to come into contact with!! Thank you Becca.
You did God's work today and we are truly thankful!
---Lynnette Eastham Hostetter'

It feels to me that now more then ever we all need to step up and do nice things for someone whenever we can.

All those small acts of kindness add up!

I'm always on the lookout for these type of stories. All I need is a picture to go with them.
You can leave all the info in the visitor post section on my page. Thanks to Lynnette's friend Marina T Dominguez for telling me about this story."