Shimming scam targets chips in credit cards

Shimming is the latest scam targeting people who use credit cards to make everyday purchases.

Shimming is a new way for scammers to steal credit card information, according to Bryan Oglesby, with the Better Business Bureau.

Scammers insert a super-thin device, containing a microchip and flash storage, into the machine that reads the chip on your credit card. The shim copies and then saves your information. 

“Consumers are using these new chip cards and inserting into slots. This is their new way of reading the magnetic strip when they insert in that slot,” said Oglesby.

There has been a growing number of cases across the U.S. 

“If you insert the card and it’s very tight that could be a sign report it to the merchant,” he said.

The BBB says it is important to continually check your account and set up alerts in case you are hacked.  It also recommends using tap-and-pay, either with your card or smartphone, which makes it more difficult for the bad guys to get your information.

“As a consumer, we want to be aware of scams happening and be aware of these new techniques,” Oglesby said.