Sheriff cracks down after mother posts video of cars driving past stopped school bus

A frustrated mom in Marion County caught cars flying by a stopped school bus dropping off kids. She took her case to social media, and the sheriff saw her post. 

Cell phone video that Emily Wheat posted to Facebook shows drivers flying along U.S. Highway 27 in Ocala even while her children's school bus is dropping off students there, stopped with flashing lights, a stop sign and the arm out.

"Other parents are starting to get upset. Nobody knows what to do, who to turn to," said Emily Wheat. 

That's why she turned to Facebook.

"Oh my God, they need to stop. Somebody’s going to get hurt. Seriously, somebody’s going to get hurt."

Her post on Facebook grabbed the attention of the Marion County sheriff himself. Sheriff Billy Woods sent her a message, asking where she recorded the video because what happened in the video is illegal.

"I did not expect to hear from the sheriff at all, not at all."

The sheriff wrote "Just so you know both directions have to stop for the bus. Only grass medians of five feet or greater and any width of concrete median do not have to stop." 

Since receiving that message, Ocala Police and the Marion County Sheriff's Office have increased patrols in the area.

"We’re just blown away. We’re grateful," said Wheat.

But what Wheat really wants is for people to learn their lesson and the law: to stop by a stopped bus because until then "the children’s lives are at risk right now."

Ocala Police say Thursday afternoon alone they gave out 19 tickets for people who didn’t stop for the bus near the bus stop.