‘She has a heart of gold’: Animal advocate helps family save dog’s life

A DeLand family is thanking the community for coming together to help save their dog's life.

The Barrerra family believes their 44-pound mixed-breed named Suzy Ann was hit by a car. The family turned to local animal lover Charlotte Walling, and vets found out the dog's back leg bone was severed. 

“She has a heart of gold, but like many other activists in our community, she’s doing the best to help out,” said Adam Leath, with Volusia County Animal Services.

To avoid infection or having to put her down, vets recommended surgery, but the family couldn’t avoid the costly procedure.

“But knowing Charlotte since she loves animals, she kept looking to find a way,” Michelle Barrera said.

Walling connected the family with Volusia County Animal Services, where they were able to get Suzy treated free of charge.

Her back leg was amputated, but she quickly adjusted to the new strut.

“They make our lives so much more enriched so we want to try any way that we can that they fill that role in your family,” Leath said.

Barrera said after losing their dog, Marley, to a snake bite, Suzy brought happiness back to the family and she couldn’t imagine that being taken away.

“She just brought joy when we brought her here, and there’s never a dull moment with them, and it would be so sad to lose her cause she’s so young. She hasn’t lived the rest of life yet,” she said.

If you are interested in volunteering for animal services, learn more here.