Seminole County firefighters install free smoke alarms

Seminole County firefighters went door to door to provide and install free smoke alarms to homes in Casselberry.

"Actually reduces your risk of dying in a fire by 50 percent just by having a smoke alarm and three out of five deaths occur in homes that do not have smoke alarms," said Sharon Gregory with Seminole County Fire Department. 

If no one answered the door, the crew left door tags, so the resident could call back for the free device. The smoke alarm outreach program is part of a $178,000 federal grant for fire prevention and safety which was awarded to the county last year.

"We are going to 350 homes, knock on each door, and see if the residents need smoke alarms," she said.

The new alarms have lithium batteries that last 10 years, so owners won’t need to check them as often.  Firefighters can also give out bed shaker alarms to alert the hard of hearing.

"The toxic gas and smoke is what overcomes you and the smoke alarm is the best offense to getting out early," said Gregory.

Since last year Seminole County has installed more than 3,000 smoke alarms because of the grant.

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