Seminole County lakefront residents to see more flooding in coming days

As the line between the waters and properties become more and more blurred, the Seminole County Sheriff warns anything could be lurking down below.

“Alligators and snakes will then move closer inwards towards residential communities as that water continues to grow,” said Sheriff Lemma.

Lorita Atwell says she intends to stay despite the forecasted  flooding in her Geneva neighborhood.

“We’re not worried, we’re not concerned, the neighbors are at ground level,” Atwell said.

County officials say it’s going to get much worse in the next few days.

“We are in response and recovery phase and we are in preparedness phase because we are still expecting to have more flooding,” said Alan Harris, Seminole County Emergency Manager.

Overflow from the St. Johns River is already impacting communities near Lake Harvey, like the road that leads to Bob’s Zwarycz lakefront home.

“The roads flooded, but our house is good, it’s still above flood water, the garage is probably the lowest thing and that’s still dry but pieces of our driveway are starting to flood a little,” Zwarycz said.

They’re giving residents the heads up --expect more flooding. First Lake Harvey, then Lake Jessup, and then Lake Monroe.

Sheriff's office chopper video showed rescue crews that  have been going in with their  heavy duty equipment across the county to help stranded  residents escape the rising waters.

“We’re doing aerial surveillance with our helicopters looking for people who may need assistance with evacuation,” said Sheriff Lemma.

Because of the forecasted flooding officials say residents who need to evacuate can go to the shelter at Northland Church in Longwood, they’ve also  re-opened two sandbag locations in Seminole County:

Sanlando Park
401 W. Highland St., Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Bring your own shovel
May fill up to 30 bags per household

Seminole County East Public Works Yard
1630 North County Road 426, Oviedo
Bring your own shovel
May fill up to 30 bags per household