Security concerns raised along International Drive

After several violent crimes in the tourist district, we asked a security firm what's being done to keep people safe.

"We currently run several different locations on I-Drive," explains Ahmed Soto, who owns Diesel Security Company.  He provides security guards to different businesses in the tourist district. Lately, he says he's gotten more requests.  "Even in the last month, any location that we work for, they're asking for either more security, they're asking for more wanding, more policy and procedures to be taken for different clients."

Ahmed says visitors should study an area before their trip and even carry a flashlight with them, just in case.

"Try to be in a well-lit area or around certain areas that keep you in a safe mode. If you have a gut feeling somethings not good, I wouldn't pursue it."

We talked to a family who came from England about keeping safe. Leanne Kenny says, "I'll just make sure more secure with the locks on the door and things like that." Carl Smith agrees, "I think you need more police about near the hotels."

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, there are both marked and unmarked patrols happening in the tourist district.

They say they also work with businesses to help prevent crimes from taking place. "We try to work well with Orange County deputies." Ahmed says it all starts with awareness, "I just think more eyes, more guards on the ground puts everyone at ease. And plus it's more awareness to everyone around and more safety everyday."

And if you have any suspect information about crimes taking place in the tourist district, make sure you call Crimeline.