Search for driver who twice ran over dog

Alice Carter says her dog "Bubba" was her baby.  The Golden Retriever-Labrador mix was hit by a car -- not once, but twice.  Carter's friend Bo McCray says he saw it happen.

"They ran right back over him. The car even raised about a foot off the ground," he explained.

"Bubba" somehow got out of the house and ran across U.S. Highway 1 in New Smyrna Beach.  Carter chased him, and McCray got in his truck to try and get the dog back home, but it was too late. 

"The driver got out of the car, looked to see what he hit, got back in the car, and according to Bo, when he was trying to leave the scene, he hit him with the other two tires," Carter said. "I was petting him and talking to him and he died in my arms!"

McCray got "Bubba" out of the road and the car, described as a gold Lexus took off. 

"I don't care what it is, you hit something, you should stop," McCray said,  "and you know you hit something. It's an 80-pound dog!"

Carter wants the person who did this to come forward now.

"What God don't take care of, karma will," she added. 

Anyone with information is asked to call authorities.