Samantha Markle talks about life before, after half-sister became famous

As Meghan Markle spoke out about the British Royal Family drama during Oprah Winfrey's interview, her half-sister was releasing a new book.

"The name of the book is The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister," explains Samantha Markle.

"Princess Pushy" refers to Meghan and Samantha says she’s getting a bad rap from people who haven’t read her new book.

"It was unfairly labeling my book as a slamming, nasty tell-all."

In reality, three-fourths of the book focuses on growing up in the Markle family. It later goes on about the falling out after tabloid interviews.

"She loved my father and everything was great. We were a pretty normal family, but then when the royal wedding came, I guess we weren’t royal enough or fabulous enough, and the whole M.O. became, seal off hatches, don’t let anyone talk."

Samantha lived in Ocala but now lives close to Tampa.

"I think I’m in a really supportive community. I love Florida." 

This is where she wrote her new book.

"It’s now a bestseller of biographies of people with disabilities."

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Samantha said she became disabled after suffering a terrible fall,

"I’m in a wheelchair because I have M.S. and I dealt with that for a lot of my life. It didn’t stop me and I didn’t want it to define me."

But by speaking out about her famous sister, she said it hasn’t been easy.

"There were horrible stories and stories skewed to discredit us because we’ve spoken out about not being invited to the wedding, it just snowballed and they made it out like he was a deadbeat dad and I was a horrible, jealous, hagging sister."

We asked, "What do you have to say, to those people who say, you’re just trying to make money off your famous half sister?" Samantha replied, "I was already working in television and radio when my sister was very young. So any idea that we rode on her laurels is fallacious. She had her career, we had ours."

And while the two half-sisters haven’t talked since Meghan met Prince Harry, she wonders if one day they will.

"I feel like she should be accountable and apologize for treating the family and behaving the way she did in this case. It’s not that I don’t love her. You always love family."

During Oprah's interview, Meghan insisted she was raised as an only child and does not know Samantha. She claimed Samantha changed her name to Markle after she got engaged to Harry. However, Samantha said the family pictures in her book tell a different story and she showed us a name change document dating back to 1997. 

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