RV fire leaves one man dead in Cocoa

One man is dead after a fire destroyed an RV parked at a home on SR-520, early Tuesday morning.

Friends and family of the homeowners came and went from the property, paying respects. They say the family is devastated.

John Ramos lives nearby. He says he heard a blast, early this morning. “My wife said, 'You hear that?' I said 'What?' and then I heard 'Ba-boom!' and there were a few different explosions.”

Amelia Hitchcock, the Fire Marshal's Office investigator, said it could have been from the fire. “There was at least one propane tank, yes, and the deceased individual did also work on motors, small engines, so there were some around the area of the RV, as well.”

Hitchcock said one person died in the RV, parked on the property. “At this point, the investigation is going to be undetermined at this time. We're waiting for lab results, as well as the medical examiner's report to come back, as well.”

Ramos said, sadly, it's not the first time this has happened in this rural community. “I know three or four homes out here that have been burned down.”

Officials haven't released the victim's identity -- only saying it's a man in his late 60's. Ramos says it's a shame this had to happen during the holidays.

“It's just heartfelt, you know?” he said, “Things happen, it's so sad, on Christmas time, when families and loved ones are just trying to get together.”

There are other homes less than two hundred feet from the burning RV, but investigators say none of them was damaged by the fire.