Rose mural stirs controversy in Indialantic

There has been some controversy surrounding a mural that has been added to a local business in Indialantic.

Cottage Rose consignment shop just moved to its new location on AIA in Indialantic. To celebrate the move, its owner painted a mural of roses outside the building. The shop's owner, Victoria Athey, said the town told her it's against code, and she would need to paint over it.

"Because I let my emotions get a little bit of the best of me, I posted a little rant on social media," Athey said. "Before I knew it, within 24 hours, it had gone viral." 

Hundreds of people shared and liked her Facebook post. A petition was also started in support of keeping the rose mural on the building. It got more than 3,700 signatures over the weekend.

"That was not my intention," Athey said. "I did not want to start an uproar." 

Athey met with Indialantic Town Council members who told her she could keep her mural, but needed to add the business' name to it. Adding the name, according to the town's rules, makes it a sign and not a mural.

"I didn't want a lynch mob to head down to city hall and cause a scene," Athey said. "That's really not where we wanted to go with this. So, I'm really glad we were able to settle this behind closed doors and everybody is happy" 

She plans to have that added soon, so the controversy will be over.

"It's overwhelming," Athey said. "I never imagined that people would be so positive about what we've done here and how we're trying to make Indialantic become this quaint small town with these small businesses."

The people who supported the shop on social media were planning to come to Indialantic's next city council meeting which is Wednesday. The shop's owner said they don't need to go now that the issue has been resolved.