Retired firefighter on mission to save lives in opioid crisis

A retired firefighter is on a mission, spending his time trying to prevent opioid overdoses. 

Since 1994, Luis Garcia has administered NARCAN -- the narcotic blocker used to revive people during overdoses -- more than 3,000 times. Now, he’s hoping to save many more.

“It takes a village to save lives in the opioid process,” said Garcia, who travels the state giving free, two-hour classes on how to use NARCAN.  “We’re trying to be a part of the solution.”

Those classes took him to the School of Surf in Cocoa Beach, showing people how to use NARCAN and giving it out for free.  He says it's something "any citizen can do.”  One of those is Dr. Vicki Barlow, who has experienced firsthand the tragedy that is the opioid epidemic.

“I had a beautiful son, my only son, and he died three years ago from an overdose," she said, "and it shattered me.” 

Now she carries NARCAN in her car and purse.

“You can hold a memorial and that helps heal those that come, but the NARCAN saves lives.”

“We're trying to be a part of the solution by offering a two-hour class to the community and professionals and healthcare professionals.” Garcia added. 

He has a Go Fund Me page to purchase more NARCAN and offer more free classes. Click here for more