Palm Coast residents upset over 'Difficult Citizen List’

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to include the correct information regarding the "difficult citizen" list.

Palm Coast resident Alexander Spiller was surprised to find out he was labeled a "difficult citizen" by the city. 

The city tells FOX 35 News they keep the list to alert city staff of residents who they say have previously been violent or threatening toward employees. 

Spiller said he ended up on the list after a dispute over the placement of a political sign in his yard.

"Well I called the city and complained about it and I was pretty angry when I called the city. I have to admit," he said.

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He tells FOX 35 News that he doesn’t think the interaction rose to the level of being labeled a "difficult citizen." 

The city sent the following statement regarding the document:

"This list is meant to alert City staff when they may need to visit an address where a resident has previously been violent or threatening towards City staff. It is also maintained to include residences that have requested City staff not come on their property. It is used as an internal tool to help protect City staff. There have been incidents in the past where City staff was faced with serious threats including residents threatening to kill City staff or send their dog after them, a spear was thrown at an employee, and an employee was chased with a hammer, to name a few. The safety of our staff and residents is a priority to the City." 

Thursday, the city said in an email to FOX 35 News that citizens are not alerted they are on the list because it is in an internal document. A spokesperson said they are reviewing if that process should change. 

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