Report: Florida corrections officer at women's prison accused of putting bleach in inmate's drink cup

The Florida Department of Corrections says one of its corrections officers assigned to the women's Lowell Correctional Institution in Marion County has been arrested.

The officer has been identified as Qualesha Williams.

Corrections officials say she was arrested on a charge of poisoning food or water.

According to Williams' arrest report, it said that another corrections officer saw Williams spray bleach into an empty cup meant to be served to an inmate.

The arrest report went on to say that an inmate orderly was told by Williams that "That one is special" when handling food trays that were to be delivered to the inmates for breakfast.

Williams was reportedly the one who delivered the meal to the victim, who immediately claimed that there was a strong smell of bleach on her food, according to the report.

The alleged incident happened after Williams and the victim were caught on camera having an argument earlier in Williams' shift.

Williams bonded out of jail on Saturday morning.

In a news release emailed on Saturday, the Florida Department of Corrections said it "takes all allegations of abuse or mistreatment of inmates seriously and encourages all inmates and staff to promptly report inappropriate or illegal conduct. Inmates are afforded every opportunity to report misconduct without fear of retribution."

In the same release, the Florida Department of Corrections said it was "moving forward with the immediate dismissal" of Williams.