Red tide threat didn't ruin beach wedding

A couple from Louisiana who got married in Cocoa Beach on Friday said they didn’t let the red tide get in their way.  

“My daughter got married here and I always wanted to get married in Florida on the beach,” said bride Brenda Smith. 

But she says once her family arrived, they got some news. 

“About all the seaweed, the dead fish, the smell and the cough because we all were coughing when we first got here,” Smith said. She says someone soon explained that the red tide washing up on Brevard County’s coast was to blame. 

To make matters worse, there was massive fish kill on Cocoa Beach Friday. Dozens of volunteers showed up to help clean up. 

“The big thing is - we want to get it off of the sand as quick as we can, dispose of it and try to get the beaches to where tourists can start enjoying it as soon as this red tide clears up,” said Bryan Bobbitt of Keep Brevard Beautiful. 

The bride was in the dark for most of the day about what was happening in the area where she planned to walk down the aisle. 

“I kept talking about, ‘The beach! The beach!’ No one was saying anything,” she said. 

Smith, and her husband David, say they decided to move the ceremony inside. Then head to the beach to take some photos. The red tide was the last thing on their minds. 

“I’m just happy to be married and everything turned out awesome! I’m married to the most handsome man in the world,” Smith said. 

She says she had been planning to hold the wedding in Cocoa Beach for about a year.