Red Hot & Boom fireworks show returns bringing thousands to Altamonte Springs

Red Hot & Boom lit up the sky in Altamonte Springs for the first time in two years.

Red Hot & Boom brought thousands to Cranes Roost Park for one of Central Florida's largest fireworks shows.

While it did rain for part of the afternoon, the event had a big turnout. Plenty of people brought umbrellas and ponchos to stay dry.

"Still prepared as can be," said one attendee. "The kids are having fun so that’s what matters."

Red Hot & Boom is back for its 25th year after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event brings business for vendors like Penny Dickson who runs a lemonade stand.

"This is the best event of the year!" Dickson said.

The event normally brings 250,000 people to Cranes Roost Park. Many attendees are happy their favorite fireworks show is back. 

"Now that they brought it back," said an attendee. "I definitely wanted to come back out."