Rabid cat attacks 3 people, including officer

Officials in Lake County are warning people about stray animals after a rabid cat attacked three people, including a police officer.

The incident happened over the weekend. Karla Perez said she and friends were leaving their Leesburg home when the cat ran in the house from outside and scratched her friends. The cat also bit her boyfriend as he took it outside.

Later, a Leesburg Police Officer responding to the incident was also bitten by the cat while emergency services personnel were trying to capture it.

“If it wasn’t for the cop, which I’m really thankful for, he made it to where the cat turned its attention on him and that’s when the cat attacked him.”

The cat was euthanized after it was confirmed to have rabies. All three victims are now being treated for rabies. The Lake County Sheriff’s office is warning residents to be vigilant of stray animals, though there have not been reports of other cats with symptoms in the area.

“For the people who live in that area, they do need to be on alert and look for these animals,” said Sgt. John Herrell.