Puerto Ricans in Florida react to Rosselló resignation

After two weeks of mass protests in San Juan, late Wednesday night, Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló announced his resignation.  Demonstrations of anger and frustration, turned into rallies of celebration.

"Today is a great day for Puerto Rico," said Eli Berrios, spokesperson for Alianza For Progress, a  Puerto Rican relations organization

Berrios, one of the leaders of the Central Florida protests, says the victory is being felt by Puerto Ricans around the globe.

"Even if,  though you're in New York or Florida or Europe or Africa, wherever you are, Puerto Rico is in your heart," said Berrios.

Alex Barrio, also with Alianza For Progress, says the success of the people is proof of democracy at work.

"What we've seen over the past two weeks is the power of democracy, the power of the people's voice and the ability to make change," said Barrio.

But he says he doesn't trust the governor's replacement, Justice Secretary Wanda Vasquez, who has a controversial past.

"What the island needs is a real reformer, from the outside, and she is someone who's been a party apparatchik for her entire career," said Barrio.

Despite calls for Vasquez to resign before she is sworn-in, Barrio expects the people of the Island to give her a chance to make things right.

"Their party controls both houses of the legislature, they can make change, they can make the necessary reforms to move the island forward, will they? I don't know, that hasn't been her career path and so, we'll see but I'm skeptical," said Barrio.

Rosselló officially steps down Friday, August 2.