Publix's beloved 'Pub Subs' are on sale this week

This is not a drill: Publix is putting their beloved subs on sale this week.

Starting Thursday, you can get any whole "Pub Sub" your heart desires (including chicken tender subs) for just $5.99! That’s a very tasty deal considering they usually cost $8.99. The deal runs June 13 through June 19.

While the chicken tender sub seems to be a fan favorite, there are a number of other mouth-watering Pub Subs to keep your belly happy.

You could shake things up and try the Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub, the Philly Cheese Sub, or the Orlando City Sub which is made with chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, mayo, black bean hummus, lettuce, and tomato.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page Are Publix Chicken Tender Subs On Sale? posted an interesting read this week about how a Florida man named Dave Charls claims to have helped invent the popular chicken tender sub.

According to Charls, it was created as far back as 1997.

“We had been buying the tenders and rolls for months separately because the people in the deli REFUSED to ring it up as a sub,” according to the Facebook post. "But I finally had a guy on the inside who would do it! The next day he talked his manager into making it a special, put a chalkboard sign out front with it and everything. Then it was such a hit they started doing it at other stores. Thus, the chicken tender pub-sub was born. You're welcome." 

Whether it's true or not is anyone's guess, but do we really care if it is? 

Now if you want to skip the line and get that Pub Sub in your hands fast, you can always order online at and pick it up at your convenience.