Publix adds kiosks for customers to renew their vehicle registration

Looks like you can now grab your favorite 'Pub Sub' and renew your vehicle registration at the same time.

Some Publix stores in the Tampa Bay area have rolled out kiosks where customers can pay for their vehicle registration renewal. The Florida MV Express kiosks are currently located at tax offices and three Publix locations, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Unfortunately, customers in Orlando will have to renew their registrations the old fashioned way, since there are reportedly no agreements in place for the Central Florida area. The closest location to Orlando is at the Polk Tax Collector office in Davenport.

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“We are actively talking to and pursuing every county that we would deem viable for this program,” Andrew Ginter, spokesman for Intellectual Technology Inc. told the Orlando Sentinel.

The kiosks in Publix stores are reportedly part of a pilot program which Ginter would like to expand.

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In an email to the Orlando Sentinel, Publix spokesman Dwaine Stevens said there are no plans to expand the pilot at this time.

According to the website, the Florida MV Express kiosk will allow customers to renew their registration in three easy steps that will take under 2 minutes. All you need to do is enter your renewal notice PIN or license plate number and date of birth. Second, you pay for the service. Your vehicle registration and license plate decal will then be printed out.