Protecting your stimulus money from hackers

Coronavirus stimulus money is arriving in bank accounts around the country, but hackers are trying to grab it.

"There are so many people out of jobs right now, and they’re not getting their unemployment checks, so they’re in desperate need," explains Chris Hadnagy, also known as "the human hacker."

He said most wont recognize when they are being scammed.  In most cases, it comes in the form of a phone call or phishing email.

"They say your check can be expedited, they just need some information," he said.

Do not click on anything that asks for your personal information. The same goes for those phone solicitations.

"People calling you as if they’re from the government, and they want to get the stimulus check to you but need any other information."

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody issued a consumer alert on Tuesday to warn Floridians that scammers will try to take advantage.

“This is a situation where people are anxious many have lost their jobs many have no way of knowing how they’re going to provide for or at the very least protect their family members during this time of crisis, and so they are especially vulnerable to these types of scams,” Moody said earlier this month.