Prosecutors in Grant Amato murder trial focus on digital evidence

Prosecutors focused on digital evidence Monday, as the trial for a Seminole County man accused of killing his mom, dad and brother continued.

At the center of an argument is a thumb drive. 

The state alleges that after Grant Amato murdered his three family members, he copied files from his computer onto the drive.

A digital forensics analyst testified that the thumb drive was connected to Grant Amato’s computer at around 11:30 p.m. on January 24. 

The triple-murder scene was discovered the next morning.

Prosecutors asked investigator Geraldine Blay about more than 600 photos she found on the drive.

“They appear to be of the same woman. Some of the photographs are explicit and some are not,” Blay said.

Some of the photos found on the thumb drive were shown to jurors. 

Prosecutors say Amato killed his family over an obsession with a woman called “Silvie” he met on an adult website. They say the 30-year-old sent her around $200,000.

Blay says she also found videos of “Silvie” on the thumb drive.

“A series of videos that I found on the thumb drive of what appears to be same woman doing erotic actions,” she said.

The state also introduced evidence that they say shows Amato tried to wipe his brother’s cellphone after the murders. 

Amato's defense team didn't hold back on the state’s expert during cross-examination.

Jurors also heard from two of Grant and Cody Amato’s close friends. 

The state is expected to continue calling witnesses on Tuesday.