Proposed change to kid safety law

A state representative wants to change the law when it comes to leaving kids in hot cars.

Right now, it says a child under six can be left unattended with the engine off if the parent or guardian is gone for 15 minutes or less. Representative Emily Slosberg, D-Boca Raton, says that’s 15 minutes too long.

“You’re leaving a child defenseless in such a dangerous predicament, it’s a death trap,” she said in in a phone interview with FOX 35.

And the very next line adds to the confusion. It says you cannot leave the child inside if his or her health is in danger.

“It makes no sense. The arbitrary 15 minutes is…it’s ridiculous,” Slosberg said.

She says she’s working on re-writing the law. She says she wants to 15 minute part to go and in her new version, people will not be allowed to leave kids in the car unattended, period.

Slosberg says she was contacted by the Mayor of Coral Springs about the 15 minute issue. She says she expects her bill to pass.

You can read the statute here.