Program helps complete homecoming experience for Winter Springs high school students

A program at Winter Springs High School is making sure students have a special homecoming experience.

The PTSA Bear Boutique provides dresses, shoes, makeup, and accessories for students whose families are in need of assistance.

Program chair Candy Turner said it’s fulfilling to watch girls dress up.

"Gosh, we were just talking earlier. We saw a girl put on her whole outfit and we all got teary-eyed just seeing her put everything together and she was happy. It's a really good feeling," she said. 

Nairah Echevarria was one of the students who spent her lunch break picking out an outfit. She tells FOX 35 News she can’t wait to show it to her family.

"I know my dad's definitely gonna be like, ‘Oh my goodness! My daughter just grew up so fast,’" she said. 

The dresses were donated by parents, the community and this year the program received a very kind donation.

"Sassy’s Prom and Bridal at the Oviedo Mall closed and she donated a ton of dresses to us for both homecoming and prom," said Turner.

She said the goal in the future is to recruit makeup artists and hairstylists to complete the experience.

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