Port Canaveral budget will allow for expansion of cargo operations

Port Canaveral is on the mend after a difficult patch during the coronavirus pandemic. Port commissioners have unanimously approved an almost $154 million budget for the year.

"I look forward to having a year with some money in our pocket to spend it the way it's supposed to be spent," said Port Canaveral Authority Commissioner Wayne Justice.

This year, the port’s CFO said they have seen 3.7 million multi-day cruise passengers, but even with their success on the ships, they hope for a further expansion to better accommodate cargo ships and stay competitive with other regional ports.

"The capital budget earmarked is for next year is $76 million so that is spread amongst many different projects," said Michael Poole, "everything from dredging to road resurfacing to terminal improvements, canopy replacements. It's across the board."

Poole said some of the biggest expenditures will include upgrades to cruise terminals, completing Cargo Berth 3, renovating the sister berth to increase cargo capacity, and upgrading campground and fishing facilities.

They also have a new agreement to purchase a second mobile harbor crane that can be used to lift very heavy cargo and booster rockets.