Police:Suspect in Florida Amber Alert murder case found in relative's basement in Connecticut

Bruce Hagans Sr. says justice needs to be served for the man accused of killing his son.  

Authorities said Luis Rivera Jr., 20, fatally shot Bruce Hagans Jr., 16, following a kidnapping which prompted the issuance of an Amber Alert.

“I can't hear his voice no more, and it hurts,” Hagans Sr. says. “I couldn't even have an open casket or good burial, because they way they treated him like an animal. hHs body was just messed up.”

Winter Garden Police said Hagans Jr. was shot inside a car during a marijuana drug deal. His body was discovered on June 7, a few miles away from the Rivera home.  Police said the father of the shooter, who was arrested last week and charged with destroying evidence, helped bury the west orange high school student's body the next day.  Investigators said Rivera Sr. then put his son on a plane to Connecticut.

Rivera Jr. was found hiding in the basement of a relative’s home in New Britain, Conn.  The accused shooter was extradited back to Orange County on Tuesday night.

“Thank god, there is a god in heaven and justice will have been served because they have found him.”

Rivera Jr. and his father may not be the last of the arrests. Police are looking for more people whom they say helped destroy evidence

"I pray for you, because you're going to be gone a long time hopefully, and just like my son suffered, I hope you suffer the same way.”