Police: Woman abandoned deaf and blind dogs

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Cobb County Police announce they have warrants to arrest the owner and foster pet parent of two dogs, left at a home to starve to death.

Police said Lucky, a deaf pitbull mix, and Simpson, a blind bulldog, were abandoned in December of 2016 at Ashley Davis' former residence for possibly 16 days without food or water. 

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Police tell FOX 5, the woman connected with Georgia animal rescues to obtain the dogs, and told them she wanted to rescue dogs with disabilities.  

Simpson was only in Davis' care for a month before he was found starving.

"They were tortured by lack of feeding. She moved out of her residence, and left the two dogs behind," said Detective Steve Hammond.

FOX 5 first told you about Lucky in December, as he was recovering and in veterinary care. Animal rescue workers said they discovered Lucky in a horrific condition, at just 31 pounds.

Hammond tells FOX 5, after the two emaciated dogs and two other healthy dogs were seized by Cobb County in December, veterinarians worked to nurse the two dogs back to health, and rule out other medical causes for the dogs' conditions.

Thursday, police announced charges against Davis for aggravated cruelty to animals and abandonment.

Police said Davis is no longer in Metro Atlanta, and are working with authorities at an unspecified location to arrest her.

Lucky has recovered, and is in the care of Bosley's Place rescue.

Simpson has made a great recovery at Cobb County Animal Control. The bulldog had glaucoma, and two months ago, a veterinarian determined his eyes needed to be removed. Police said court proceedings to remove Davis from ownership of Simpson must take place, before he can be eligible for adoption.