Police: Nun Arrested for Alleged DUI

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NEW JERSEY (WTXF) Shocked witnesses captured pictures of a nun appearing to take a field sobriety test moments after Washington Township police pulled her over early Saturday morning.

Police say a woman they identified as a Philadelphia nun pulled into the parking lot of a Meineke Auto Shop in Turnersville and backed into the door before pulling out.

Manager Peter DeGeorge arrived to work the next day to find the damage and police back on the scene to explain what happened.

"The officer explained to me, he said, 'Someone hit your building it was a nun who happened to be drunk and we arrested her down the road,'" he told FOX 29.

It was a couple who spotted the driver and called police. So stunned to see a nun appear from behind wheel, they posted the entire ordeal on Facebook.

She was reportedly driving an F150 when she was pulled over down the road from the Meineke shop.

DeGeorge still can't believe what happened.

"Randomly that someone hit your building and then to find out it was a nun who happened to be drunk at almost 3 in the morning on a Friday night it's not something you expect to walk into on a Saturday morning," he said.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia released the following statement:

"Sister Kimberly Miller, IHM, a faculty member at Little Flower High School for Girls in Philadelphia, was placed on administrative leave today by the Office of Catholic Education of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This action was taken following a matter that took place outside of school last Saturday morning. It did not involve any students or other members of the school community. School families have been informed of this development and arrangements have been made to provide coverage for her classes."