Police: Animal on hoodie is serial burglar's signature look

Police in Brevard County are trying to find a man who has been breaking into Brevard County businesses.

West Melbourne and Melbourne Police are working three cases which they believe involve the same suspect.  Two other cases in Palm Bay may also be connected.

Two pizza parlors and a beauty salon have been struck. Michellis was the most recent establishment to get an after-hours, unwelcome visit from the burglar, known for wearing a hooded sweatshirt with an animal on the back.  Five days before Christmas, the mom and pop restaurant had the front door smashed, the inside ransacked, and cash stolen.

Police had a theory the suspect had done the same thing four nights earlier at the New York Pizza Spot. In security camera footage, the suspect is seen tearing the kitchen apart, then going into the register. The suspect appears to be wearing socks on his hands and his hooded sweat shirt has some kind of animal on it, possibly a wolf or tiger.

This same suspect is also linked to a beauty parlor break-in in Melbourne. Now, authorities say he could be behind break-ins at a pack and shipping shop and a day care in Palm Bay. Police say his getaway car is a dark newer model sedan.