PHOTOS: Brevard Zoo welcomes new baby klipspringer antelope

The Brevard Zoo welcomed a new bundle of joy over the weekend.

A female baby klipspringer antelope was born to parents Deborah, 6, and Ajabu, 8, on Saturday morning at the zoo's Expedition Africa habitat.

Zoo officials say the newborn, who is just over two pounds, is in good health and is nursing with Deborah, who veterinary staff described as a "great mom."

The mother and daughter klipspringer will remain out of the spotlight of zoo guests to give them space to bond.

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(Photo via Brevard Zoo)

"Our team will monitor the two and watch for baby milestones and Deborah’s behavior to determine when she and the baby can return to their public-facing habitat," a spokesperson for the zoo said in a news release. "We know you are excited to see the baby on habitat, but we will ultimately be following their pace before starting short, supervised visits on habitat and later introducing the little one to the other residents of their large yard in Expedition Africa."

The Brevard Zoo said parents Deborah and Ajabu are placed together for breeding under the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan (SSP), to maintain genetic diversity of groups of animals in AZA-accredited facilities, officials said. 

So far, the pair have had six offspring together. None of the currently reside at the zoo.