Passengers recover after Florida Turnpike crash

A man is back home recovering after surviving a terrible crash on the Florida Turnpike in Osceola County.

It's incredible that anyone survived the crash, authorities say when the SUV hits a toll booth on the turnpike. A passenger goes through the windshield, then airborne upside down and hits the ground. Even troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol are amazed he survived.

"When you see an ejection like that through a windshield, that distance, it's luck,  said  FHP Lt. Mark Castleberry.  "If you believe in a higher power, it's something, but it's very fortunate for that passenger."

The mother of passenger Marcus Joseph says her son broke his leg and is recovering, but she believes it's a miracle that he's even alive.

The SUV caught on fire and  four people inside got out safety. The driver, Stephen Agostinho Dos Santos, is charged with careless driving. Troopers say no alcohol or drugs were involved.

"I believe the driver was tired. We're not suspecting impairment but you can see on the video, the video just traveled into the toll plaza. Significant rate of speed, struck the continuator. It was a massive crash, destroying the vehicle, causing ejection. Thankfully, no serious injuries." 

Troopers advise drivers to obviously be rested before getting behind the wheel.

"Know you're limits, pay attention. Know when your body's telling you its time to take a break." And slow down when heading towards a toll booth.

Troopers also want to remind all drivers to buckle up, they say it's proven to save lives.