Parents scramble to find rides to school for kids amid bus driver absences

Osceola School District Transportation is preparing for the possibility of a lot of bus driver absences on Friday.

In a Facebook post, the district said, "Parents! Heads up for tomorrow! We are predicting we will have a lot of absences tomorrow. Please be patient with our drivers and attendants tomorrow as there is a possibility of some delays. If you have questions tomorrow, you can call us at 407-518-4540."

Originally, March 10 was scheduled as a day off for the district, ahead of spring break. Earlier this year, district leaders announced March 10 would be used as a hurricane makeup day because of Hurricane Nicole back in November.

Zach Downes with the district's transportation service told FOX 35 that many drivers could have already made plans and due to an ongoing bus driver shortage, it could mean some delays.

Several parents that FOX 35 spoke with weren't aware of the possibility until we asked if they were aware.

"We're just getting this news," Shawn Suarez, an Osceola parent said. "Now we're trying to figure out, ok, well how about we just take the kids to be on the safe side?"

Suarez said because of the sudden notice it could mean he was late for work. Another parent, Andrew Ramjit, said he also wasn't aware of the possibility. He doesn't use Facebook a lot, so he didn't see the post from the district.

"It bothers me, it bothers me, not because of the fact that there's a shortage and I get it, there's a shortage everywhere, but I'm bothered by the fact that we weren't informed. You know, if we were to show up at the bus stop tomorrow morning at 7:30 and no bus was there for the kids?"

The district said it's working to make sure every route is covered but if parents have any questions to call them at 407-518-4540.