Palm Bay boy attacked by family dog

A 3-year-old Palm Bay boy is recovering after he was attacked by a family dog.

The family has owned two dogs, "Trump" and "Sherman," for about a year.  They are are 12 and 18 months in age, respectively.  

According to police, the mother of the child came outside and witnessed Trump on the child. Animal services said it's likely both dogs were involved in the incident, although the mother said she only saw one of the dogs bite.

The dogs are up to date with their rabies shots and they do not have any history of complaints against them. Still, Animal Services took the dogs and will hold them for 48 hours. If the family does not come back for them, they will be euthanized, according to a police spokesman. 

The mother said she believes this a freak accident.  The child suffered injuries to his face and back but is in stable condition.