Outrage in Ocoee over tall grass, weeds

William Dodge is shocked by the overgrowth of weeds and grass alongside Clark Road at Highway 50 in Ocoee.

“Basically, this is the main entrance to Ocoee, and this is what you see: weeds quite a bit taller than I am!"

He's sick and tired of looking at the weed line, part of it higher than six feet, leading into his city.  So, he took to Facebook. From the responses his post is getting, you can see he's not the only one who's angered by the messy overgrowth. 

“Well, one of the first comments was ‘disgraceful'! Another person commented they sent her a code enforcement for five inches of grass in their yard, as you can see it's more than five inches' tall,”said Dodge.

The weeds aren't just growing up; they’re growing out.  They're thick in every direction. 

“Sidewalk is right here. You've got two feet of growth over the sidewalk,” Dodge pointed out. 

FOX contacted the developer who's sign is on the land, but no one returned our call.  An Ocoee Code Enforcement official tells FOX 35 they cited the property owner on July 20 and gave the owner until August 3 to get his lot cleaned up but the weeds still stand.  

The Ocoee Code Enforcement says they’ve gotten numerous complaints.  They are now scheduled to meet with the lot’s owner Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

FOX 35 will keep you posted on the resolution.