OSHA issues 10 citations against Magic in the Sky after deadly warehouse fire

Months after a fire ravaged the Magic in the City warehouse in Orange County, killing four workers and seriously injuring another, a federal inspection of the facility is now complete.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, found multiple violations.

According to the agency’s website, inspectors issued 10 citations at the end of May, totaling nearly $110,000 in penalties.

All 10 citations were classified as "serious," but the exact findings of each citation aren’t available yet.

In March, the families of the four employees killed, along with the family of the employee who was seriously injured, filed lawsuits against the fireworks company.

And just last month, the landlord of the warehouse also filed a lawsuit, alleging the company was testing fireworks in the building.

The landlord, through its attorney, claims Magic in the Sky was supposed to be using the warehouse as a corporate office. The lease specifically prohibited hazardous materials, like fireworks.

Orange County officials say the company was illegally storing fireworks at its facility on Central Florida Parkway.

FOX 35 reached out Friday evening to a representative of Magic in the Sky but has not yet received a response.