Osceola County man accused of having sexual relationships with juveniles

Photo shows Jose Alverado | Credit: Osceola County Sheriffs Department

An Osceola County man is accused of having sexual relations with a juvenile he met online, deputies said. 

Jose Alverado confessed to deputies that he was having sex with a male he met on an app called Grindr. According to deputies, Alverado claimed to have believed the male was over the age of 18, but as the investigation progressed, deputies learned Alverado knew the male was not an adult. 

An arrest warrant was later issued for Alverado when deputies found child pornography on his phone. 

During a recent traffic stop, Alverado was seen getting into his car with another passenger, who he claimed was his nephew. Deputies said that the passenger explained he was not Alverado's nephew and was in a sexual relationship with Alverado. 

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The juvenile's mother was brought into the sheriff's office for questioning, where she further explained that she knew her son was involved sexually with Alverado. She has since been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for knowing that her son was having sexual relations with Alverado, deputies said. 

Alverado is facing four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and two counts of unlawful sex with minors, and one count of child pornography.