Osceola County father with sick son creates petition asking governor to keep schools closed

A Celebration man who often teaches kids in the classroom has started a petition asking Florida Gov. Ron Desantis to keep schools closed.

Dave Finnigan says he’s staying in a hospital COVID unit with his 51-year-old son, Davy. 

"He’s not in very good shape. He’s got a breathing apparatus on, but he’s a strong guy. So we expect him to get through this ok."

While Dave and his wife recovered from the coronavirus, he says Davy is still struggling.

"He’s got cerebral palsy and a few other issues. He was medically fragile and it’s too bad our family got hit by the virus."

Dave started a MoveOn.org petition, concerned about students and teachers returning to class and catching COVID19.

"It’s asking governor DeSantis to keep schools closed in the fall of 2020."

Dave isn’t sure how he contracted the virus but took precautions.  He says he visits classrooms and teaches students about climate change and is concerned many others will get sick if they return to class.

"For me, it getting over COVID was not difficult because I’m a very healthy 78-year-old.  I’ve been in over 2,000 elementary schools in 46 states in this country and I know how schools are run and how kids are." 

He worries about others with health issues, like his son.

"Because kids will bring it home and you never know who has it."

He says there are other ways students can learn. He says the petition quickly grew, after creating it 10 days ago.

"I just don’t want anyone else to go through what we’re going through. I’m so glad he’s in good hands. But when people see this image, they’ll understand that’s not what they want for their family."  

Dave expects the petition to be delivered to the Governor in the next few days.  A link to the petition can be found here.