Ormond Beach cemetery vandalized

Authorities say vandals have struck a historically black cemetery in Ormond Beach, 

Jerome Turner has cared for the fallen in Oakridge Cemetery for years and is heartbroken after learning of the destruction. 

"It was a member that called," he explained, "and she told me it was a mess out here; that they had broken the flags up."

Two giant flags at the entrance were torched. One of the many flags left at grave sites was left in pieces and many more snapped and ripped.  These are flags Samuel Morey put on the graves of Oakridge's veterans.

"It's very disrespectful, for someone who's served it's disheartening," said Morey.

Ormond Beach police officers are now stepping up patrols at the cemetery. Overall, the damage was minor.

"This is our final resting place. This is something to be regarded heavily," Turner added. "To come out here and do this sort of thing, I would think you could find something better to do with your time."