Orlando weather: Tropical disturbance to bring downpours to Florida

A tropical disturbance a little over 100 miles away from the Florida east coast will bring torrential tropical downpours to Central Florida.

 This system is just shy of becoming a tropical depression, regardless if it is or not the impacts will remain the same for us. This rain will impact the morning commute, and could lead to ponding on roadways plus reduced visibility under the heavy downpours.

 With plenty of moisture at play, these showers will be dumping a lot of rain over a short span of time. Areas south of the Orlando Metro won't see as much rain as those areas north of the city, where some isolated areas may see rainfall totals that could approach 3-6 inches. This afternoon, coupled with the peak heating of the day, these showers will grow heavier and more widespread before wrapping up overnight.

Dangerous and rough surf conditions are expected at the beaches today as well. Breaking wave heights will be around 5-8 feet with a high risk of rip currents. Some areas may experience beach erosion as well.

 Into the weekend and beyond, the big story will be the shift in winds leading to hot temperatures and more rain chances. Scattered showers and storms are on the way this weekend and continue into next week as well. Temperatures will be hot, with highs back in the low and mid 90s.