Orlando weather: Sunny, very dry afternoon expected across Central Florida

A late-spring morning in Central Florida began with fog south, but clear skies from Orlando points north, but any morning muggy weather will once again burn off, making way for a sunny and very dry afternoon.

 Relative humidity levels will dip below 30%, creating conditions more like Las Vegas than Orlando. It'll feel like you're under a heat lamp. A stray storm is possible from Lakeland and Polk County points west to Tampa.

Isolated storms are once again possible tomorrow well west or Orlando, out toward the I-75 corridor, but most of our region will remain dry.

This will be followed by a slightly cooler air mass for the weekend, with temperatures in the upper 80s under breezy conditions, due to high pressure in the Atlantic. This feature will drive-in winds over the relatively cooler waters (currently in the upper 70s to near 80°), providing a natural air conditioning effect, dropping high temps by 5-10°.

Saturday marks June 1, the official start of the hurricane season. This is a crucial time for residents to prepare for potential tropical storms and hurricanes. Experts urge everyone to review emergency plans, stock up on supplies, and stay informed about weather updates. Catch our FOX 35 Storm Team Hurricane Special tonight at 7pm: Tracking the Tropics, 2024 Season Preview