Orlando weather: Rain and storm chances diminish in Central Florida this weekend

On Friday we'll see lower rain chances for Orlando than in the past week. This weekend will consist of considerably fewer storms across the region. 

Storms will be more common in Tampa and South Florida, so that's to be considered with any travel plans. The farther north you go – like up toward Jacksonville – the lower the rain chance.

The tropical disturbance which brought copious amounts of rain to parts of our region this week has emerged into the open Atlantic and has a 20% chance to develop into a tropical depression or tropical storm in the next few days, as it tracks away from the USA.

In the next seven days, a disturbance in the southwest Gulf of Mexico has a medium chance to develop and will provide a surge of tropical moisture to our region for the last week and a half of June, resulting in much higher afternoon storm chances yet again. Temperatures will remain just above normal for the next 7 to 10 days.

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