Orlando to give Parramore Village another try

The City of Orlando has put out a Request for Proposals for three pieces of property they own along Parramore Avenue, less than a mile south of the soccer stadium. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer says the city is ready for a developer to come in and do something with the now vacant lots.

"It is going to be housing. We are requiring that it is housing, that it would be a family oriented development right across the street from Z.L. Riley Park."

This is not the first time the city has tried to get someone to build at what is known as Parramore Village. Dyer says it is time, even though Z.L. Riley Park has bars and is locked up at night, and trash is strewn across the outside of fencing at the property.

"This was a piece of land that we put into play a number of years ago that unfortunately during the recession the original developer was not able to be successful. We reacquired the land, and I think its good timing to put it out on the market now."

The city held a meeting with developers to discuss what they want on the site, and there was interest. 8 developers showed up to hear about what the city wants. One of those told me it will be difficult to meet the city's requirements. They are looking for someone to build 160 apartment units on the largest parcel, and around 20 townhouses on two smaller adjacent parcels. Mayor Dyer is confident the improving economy will make this the right time.

"You have the Housing Authority development west of there. You have a couple of streets of development that has been single family that were individually redeveloped, so its really a developing trending area right there, and if we do the development right, it can only enhance and add to that."

The city is willing to give a deal on that land, if the development proposal is the right one.