Orlando Science Center presents largest exhibit project in its most recent history

One of the largest projects in the Orlando Science Center’s recent history is underway. The 10,000-square-foot exhibition, called LIFE, will feature three major habitats including an open-air tropical rainforest, a Florida swamp, and an ocean exhibit with a coral reef tank.

Each of the exhibits will include live animals from each biome. The tropical rainforest will act as an aviary with 40-foot-tall trees stretching to the ceiling. Brandan Lanman, the lead visionary of the project and vice president of the center's visitor experience, gave us a first-look tour at the progress of LIFE which is set to open late next year.

"What’s nice about the entryway is you’ll be able to choose your zone right off the bat," said Lanman. "You’ll be able to see all three and enter whichever one you prefer."

The biggest goal of the museum is for guests to feel like they are truly connected to the featured biomes and understand the importance of sustainability, conservation, and the impacts of climate change. Lanman said a project like this works to change people’s lives, change their minds, and inspire them to do something.

The 13-and-a-half-million-dollar project began five years ago but was put on pause due to the pandemic and supply issues.

"I’m just excited at the progress," said CEO and President JoAnn Newman. "I can’t wait to debut this amazing, beautiful new exhibit and share it with all our community."

The museum believes the immersive environment will allow children and adults an opportunity to connect with nature in ways they cannot if living in a city.

"There is an innate connection that humans have to nature," said Lanman. "We want to be able to give you as much of that authentic feeling as we can when you’re here."