Orlando police arrest two men in 7-Eleven shooting death

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Update: On Saturday, Orlando police arrested two men, Randell Burton and Dante Thomas, in the shooting death of Yonel Meus.


Homicide detectives with the Orlando Police Department are investigating what they are calling the first murder of 2016.   

Officers said one man died after being attacked near a 7-Eleven close to Silver Star Road and Princeton Street.  It a happened around 3 a.m.   The victim was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased. 

On Saturday, police said this started as the victim, 36-year-old Yonel Meus, was almost hit by the car of the suspects in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven.

Police said Meus hit the back of the car and this enraged 2 men that were in the car.

After a brief argument, the suspects went into the 7-Eleven and Meus walked down the road, police said.

The passenger of the car was angry because he had been kicked out of a downtown club earlier in the night for trying to fight.  Police said he was looking to fight anyone.

The driver and the passenger followed Meus to Silver Star Road and Dardenelle Drive where they attacked him.  Police said the passenger pulled out a gun and shot Meus before taking off.

Police said the suspects and Meus did not know each other prior to the fight.

This is an active investigation.  Anyone with information about this case is asked to called Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).