Orlando looking to improve traffic in tourist district

When the tourists are not at the parks, they are likely at International Drive. 

Busy sidewalks and traffic are a norm for the attraction district. 

Monica Nandu owns several souvenir shops on the popular stretch of roadway. She has a front-row seat to the congestion right outside her business. 

The City of Orlando is hoping to help the situation by updating the street and sidewalk plan for future development, or redevelopment, requiring wider roads and sidewalks.

"If you've ever been there, you’ll get a lot of jitneys and bicyclists and you're trying to dodge them, so we're basically increasing that streetscape width, so you can have both users having a comfortable feeling along that sidewalk," said Orlando Chief City Planner Jason burton.    

More room for trees to provide shade is also part of the plan. The change proposed Monday will also promote more support streets around I-Drive to take pressure off the roadway.

"Creating a more robust street network, grid system, so that traffic can actually move around. Right now, there's a little bit more of an over reliance on the International Drive," Burton said. 

An updated development plan is paving the way for future growth, while addressing current problems. 

Nandu welcomes the move, saying it will improve business and her customers experiences.

"I'd appreciate any change they can make because this is the tourist corridor, the biggest and busiest tourist area, so any change they can make to improve it for the business people and the tourist people is appreciated," Nandu said.

A vote on the change was postponed Monday. City council will now vote on April 22.