Orlando Instacart shoppers worried about working conditions

Instacart workers have been busy shopping for people staying at home, but workers went on strike Monday because they don't think their working conditions are safe. 

Orlando Instacart Shopper Jonathan McNelis quit last Wednesday after working for the company for about two years.

He said he left because of working conditions and payment issues. 

"I have underlying health conditions, myself, that could compromise... felt my life mattered more than $11 an hour," McNelis said. 

The former shopper said they weren't given the proper PPE equipment.

Another shopper currently working for Insatcart in the Orlando area told FOX 35 News that they still don't have proper sanitizers, gloves and masks. 

"Several locations ran out of hand sanitizer and wipes, but we weren’t given any other protective equipment like masks, gloves, things you would assume should be part of PPE," McNeils said. "It is critical that they have a way of having their groceries delivered, however, we still have to be mindful of the people who are doing the jobs." 

Instacart workers around the country went on strike Monday.

They asked for: 
-Personal protective equipment
-Hazard pay, which would include $5 per order and a default tip of 10%
-Sick pay for people who need to self-quarantine

Instacart said it has had a historic number of workers shopping on Monday.

The company says it is taking measures to make workers feel safe, including: 
-Plans to distribute new health and safety supplies to shoppers 
-Tip settings have been changed to default to the customer's previous tip percentage 
-Pay two weeks of sick time for a worker testing positive for COVID-19 or under a mandatory quarantine