Orlando grandfather collects toys to give to kids in need

An Orlando grandfather, affectionately known as Secondhand Santa, is collecting gently used and new toys to give away to 800-1,000 families in need this Christmas.

Harry Pecunia and a team of volunteers have collected around 2,500 toys so far this season. “Helping a child with a couple toys, whether they be new or used, it’s something that they’re going to have a great day on Christmas day,” Pecunia said.

Pecunia started collecting toys ten years ago when he bought a ton of toys from a garage sale for $40.

Pecunia said, “I made a couple of trips from the garage sale to my home and my wife asked me what are you doing with all those toys and I said well I really don’t know.” They ended up giving the toys away to children in need and a tradition was born.

Pecunia said now people from across the country send him toys and money for his Secondhand Santa operation. “I have this lady from Denver sending me a box of toys and $100 so I can buy what I need. I mean one guy sent me $500, doesn’t even know me, from St. Pete.”

Pecunia said he works with social workers, county commissioners and families to identify children in need. If you would like to donate toys you can call Harry Pecunia at 321-299-2390.