Orlando FreeFall death: Funeral for Tyre Sampson to be held Saturday

The funeral for 14-year-old Tyre Sampson, who died after falling from a ride at Orlando's ICON Park, is set for this weekend.

Tyre will be laid to rest on Saturday in his hometown of St. Louis. Florida rapper YK Osiris tells TMZ he spoke to Sampson's family and he plans to help pay for the funeral. 

(FOX 35 Orlando)

"When I saw it I was really in tears to be honest with you, and I felt like it was my duty to do that. Like it was my duty to help out."

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The rapper did not know Sampson but hopes he can support the family by being there. 

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Attorneys Ben Crump and Michael Haggard are representing the family. They say they plan to file a lawsuit in the coming weeks. 

Earlier this week while visiting ICON Park, Crump said, "other than George Floyd's tragic torture video, I think this is the worst tragedy captured on video that I've ever seen."

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